About Us

Sharrow Engineering, LLC was founded in 2012. Today, 6+ years of research and development efforts have come to fruition, resulting in A PROPELLER FEATURING new groundbreaking theories for generating thrust, custom designed analysis tools + 100% parametrically driven geometry design software.

Sharrow Engineering is able to quickly design versions of the SHARROW PROPELLER™ with these tools for any nautical or aeronautical purpose with surgical accuracy, to meet or exceed design intent. WELCOMING US TO A NEW ERA IN PROPULSION and a unique opportunity to change the face of an industry.

In 2013, Sharrow Engineering formalized an extensive research and testing program with the University of Michigan’s Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory to provide insight and independent validation of Sharrow Engineering research findings through 3rd party testing. Sixteen (16) unique U.S. and International patent applications have been filed with the USPTO and foreign countries to protect the intellectual property rights for the design of the SHARROW PROPELLER™. Patents have been awarded in the US, Japan, Canada, and EU – the rest of the patent applications are currently pending.

This relationship with a third party test facility has provided SE with the vital resources to validate theoretical models, CAD and CFD simulations with physical tests of actual propeller prototypes. The ‘Closed Loop’ iterative design process is the gold standard for state of the art engineering design.

In order to support the research program, Sharrow Engineering designed, fabricated, and installed a custom-built dynamometer at the shared-development NextFab facility in Philadelphia, PA. This test equipment has been a key tool for characterizing the performance characteristics of both the Sharrow Engineering prototype propellers as well as standard propellers for comparison purposes. Sharrow Engineering also designed a high-speed video system that is used to capture video of the test runs. Additionally, Sharrow Engineering has provided funding to the University of Michigan’s Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory to support the development of an enhanced 12-stream dye injection visualization system with high-speed 750 fps camera.

Recently, Sharrow Engineering has completed the design of an entire family of SHARROW PROPELLERS™ that can be quickly and easily applied to any specific purpose and design intent.