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October 14, 2019

New Break-Through Propeller Design is Faster, More Fuel-Efficient, Quieter Review: It isn’t often that we see a new product that’s so revolutionary that it breaks completely out of the box to provide a substantially improved user experience. This is the case with the Sharrow Propeller, a loop prop design that has applications in both recreational and commercial marine, aviation, and many other industrial applications. By solving the problem of blade-tip vortices, which induces drag and thus slows a boat, leading to increased fuel consumption, the Sharrow prop has, in one giant step forward, improved most of the major metrics with which we measure boat performance. In our testing of the Sharrow MX-1 prop, we found it to be 16% to 17% faster at idle and 1000 RPM, and 17% faster on plane. To find out which prop had the fastest top-end, you’ll have to watch the video. At every speed it was more fuel efficient than were the conventional props. The new Sharrow design is also quieter and has significantly less vibration. Inventor Greg Sharrow spent over seven years and millions of dollars developing and testing his design, getting all of the parameters just right on this complex loop prop, which actually has what amounts to 6 blades on a “3-blade” prop. Owners of recreational vessels of all sizes and types stand to save hundreds of dollars in fuel, plus have an overall more enjoyable user experience with the Sharrow prop. A stainless-steel prop is on the way, we are told. See the video, read the report…