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November 12, 2019

Choosing a Propeller – The right prop maximizes performance

The recent flurry of new outboards is giving anglers even more choices when rigging a new boat or repowering an existing one. While hull shape, weight distribution, engine mounting height, and often accessories like a jack plate play a role in the boat’s performance, nothing is more important than the right propeller for wringing every bit of horsepower out of a motor and achieving the desired ride. Outboard manufacturers realize this and—along with launching faster, more efficient and technologically advanced motors—are producing new prop options as well..... Sharrow Engineering’s rotary props are perhaps the most intriguing propeller development. They haven’t

October 14, 2019

New Break-Through Propeller Design is Faster, More Fuel-Efficient, Quieter Review: It isn't often that we see a new product that's so revolutionary that it breaks completely out of the box to provide a substantially improved user experience. This is the case with the Sharrow Propeller, a loop prop design that has applications in both recreational and commercial marine, aviation, and many other industrial applications. By solving the problem of blade-tip vortices, which induces drag and thus slows a boat, leading to increased fuel consumption, the Sharrow prop has, in one giant step forward, improved most of the major metrics with which we measure boat performance. In our testing of